Rose, Hanne, Saul paper and wire
I was born in New York in 1949. As a family we followed the electronics industy up to the Boston area. My high school days were spent at the Cambridge School of Weston, class of '67. I learned to cook watching educational television. I went to college at Wesleyan University (class of 1971 or 1972, depending on how you count).

Titles: Now and then something out there talks to you, The Danish Landscape, Life and Death, From Document to Hallucination, Mixed Marriages, Yesterday I didn't Drink, Photographers Photograph Artists, Hallucinations, Some we have shown and some we wanted to show, Denmark West of the Great Belt, Poland and Poles in Peacetime.

I spent a semester in Paris, being taught by structuralists with Gauloises stuck to their lips. In 1970 after a memorable student strike there was suddenly no difference between being at school and summer vacation. I wound up in Denmark in northern Jutland at a photography workshop, happy days when "centers" of education were being established. I learned that there were other ways of learning. I nagged my way into continuing my university time in Europe. I met Hanne, still my wife, on a fall vacation charter flight from Denmark to Paris. We lived in Paris, Denmark, Boston, Paris again, and Denmark again.

Places: Aarhus, Copenhagen, Holstebro, and Tistrup, Denmark; Glenrothes, Scotland; Kladno, Prague, Cheb, and Luby u Chebu, Czech Republic; Jelenia Gora and Warszawa, Poland; Bologna, Italy; Brno, ex-Czechoslovakia; Helsinki and Vaasa, Finland; Mulhouse, France; Hamburg, Germany; Tokyo, Japan.

Other Activities: 1999, "Fotomessän", Gothenburg, Sweden, 1997 and 1999, "A Working Culture", EU conference on Culture, Creativity, and Employment, London. 1994, 6. International Documentary Photo Seminar and Workshop, Luby u Chebu, Czech Republic. "Photoart of the Baltic Sea Countries" symposium, Gdansk, Poland. 1991, "2d. East-West Photo Conference", Wroclaw, Poland. 1987, Seminar, "East and West of the North Sea; 10 Years of European Photography", Danish Cultural Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland. 1984-86, Short Film production, "Ane and the Cow", based on Nobel prize winning Johannes V. Jensens novel. 1982, mixed media project "Albatros", Århus Art Museum. 1981, Scholarship from Ministry of Education, Gum Printing, Warsaw, Poland. 1979-81, "A Stranger Knocks", documentary film about Odin Teatret.

In Boston I learned how to repair a Xerox machine. I studied non-representational film at the University of Vincennes and Aikido in the heart of Paris. We tried to open a school. I co-built and ran a French restaurant. I travelled with Odin Teatret as cook, photographer, and translator. I worked as a medical photographer for 13 years. I became a member of Image Fotografisk Galleri in 1981 (Aarhus, Denmark) and am now co-leader. I just got my Masters of Multimedia Arts degree and got reaquainted with my structuralist friends. I survived building the wire and paper construction you can see on the top of the next column.
Sebastian, my first kid, saw a lot of the Venezuelan jungle, worked in the Dominican Republic, and is now with FutureBrand in New York City. Leah, my second kid, did show jumping and was a model but now bangs the drum and is at NEU's music industry program.

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