Music List.

Jan Garbarek, "Legend of the Seven Dreams". The first CD I ever bought (yes, I was a holdout).

Chopin's Nocturnes played by Arhtur Rubenstein. I saw him play and he came walking out something like Groucho Marx and sat down and right away I could relax 'cause he was part and parcel of the piano and could never make a mistake that I would be able to hear.

Bach, Double Concerto for two violins in D-minor, played by David and Igor Oistrakh.

Dylan Thomas reading Fern Hill.

John Fahey. Before I found out that there were other ways of learning, I heard that there were other ways of playing.

"There's something missing. Nothing is complete without Bach: Cello suites played by Morten Zeuthen." (note from Jakob F.)