This home page is for, in decending order, myself, any eternal viewers out there, and people who want to see my photographs and read some of the small vignettes and anecdotes I write now and then.

I have tried to "web" a little book of photographs, adding a small bit of space and silence. The major problems I have encountered in doing this have been photograph size, layout space, and quiet.

An additional problem is that of download times for detailed high quality photographs. I have more or less ignored this, warning the viewer on the way in and giving my prayers to the hope that in a few years everybody will have instant web connection. Perhaps it is possible to create a website that people don't mind waiting for. Perhaps we have to promise our viewers something other than instant infantile gratification.

Photographs can only be placed on the screen in a few sizes. They become too big and are transformed to backgrounds or just plain noise. They become too small and are buttons or some other decorative element. Setting photographs on a screen for viewing is also a question of making the best of the combination of photograph size and the expected viewing distance.

The book pages start out without text or navigation aids, so the viewer can concentrate on the photographs. If the browser has been so kind as to load the behaviors, the viewer can call forth first a text related to the photograph, then navigation buttons for further viewing. I wanted to eliminate, at least when viewing a single page, the sound that computers make downloading new pages.

I tried to keep the graphic design simple. There are only two colors and no animation except for the book behaviors.

There are versions of the book for big and giant screens. This was because I had a hard time designing pages that were both flexible and interactive, and at the same time were capable of keeping the viewing area uncluttered. At the stroke of midnight I have found a (as yet untested) design possibility that can do all this and optimize for variations in browser and screen. This won't be tried out until we get to the next chapter of the Arabian nights.

The rest of the website is a discourse through whatever seems important to me these days. Hopeless research goes on forever and gives birth to new images. I really have nothing to sell.

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